Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 Months Young

My Sweet Miss Mae,

Another month has come and gone and you are growing up before my eyes. This month has been the most fun with you learning your environment and who everyone in your life is. You are such a good girl with a big girl personality. I wonder how your dad and I got so lucky with you.

You have now found your hands, and most importantly your thumb. You will suck away at that thing all day if you could. You still love your wubbanub but it doesn't come close to you thumb. You love watching the TV with all the bright lights, and to tell you the truth...I don't blame you.

You talk wherever you go and try to sing and tell stories to everyone you come in contact with.

You love your bouncer, your swing and your playpen when sleeping. Speaking of sleep, you are champ! You sleep from about 8 until 6am and that is when we have to wake you up. You like to sleep on your chest when mamma holds you and nobody else can quite master it like I can. That is something I secretly love about our connection. You won't have it any other way. You sleep like your dad and eat like your mom. Your still eating 4 oz every couple hours with a 5 ozer in there every once in awhile.

I enjoy every. single. minute. I spend with you. It makes you so happy when you see your mama and everything is then okay. It doesn't make daddy as happy but he has his special moments also. You are now 12.5 oz in weight and 21 inches tall. Your still not on the growth chart for height but that will catch up with you..don't worry girl. You don't want to be as tall as your mama so you can find cute pants that fit you.

To say you are awesome is an understatement. You are developing everyday and doing so well with your hearing aids. Once I turn those on in the mornings, you just light up like a light switch has turned your world on. I look forward to that every morning.

I can't wait for the milestones to come but for now I enjoy this time with you. I love our little secrets and connection we have. I look forward to seeing that big smile when I get home from work. You are spoiled rotten with love and it just keeps getting better. I love you baby girl. I love you more than chocolate, more than fall time....more than pizza.


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