Our Family

We are Josh and Shannon Niedzwicki! I know....hard to say and even harder to spell. We were met in 2008, married in 2010 and going strong for the past 2 year. We were married September 11th with a heartfelt ceremony and reception. We had all of our dearest and nearest friends and family for our big day. I wouldn't chang one thing about it.

Married is something new to both of us and we are figuring it out everyday. Everyday seems like a journey. We love each other super fierce and we both make each other a better person. I do everything with Josh and he is truly my best friend. 

If I had to describe Josh I would say he is caring, loving, and has a big heart with an even bigger smile. He loves the outdoors, fishing, sports (yes including Nascar) and loves me more than life. I also tell him "I love you sweetie" and his reply ALWAYS is "I love you more". I am not so sure I believe it but it is nice to hear everyday.

If Josh were to describe me he would say I am crazy, determined, responsible and I put my family and friends before my own needs and wants. I love everyone that has made a difference in my life and I would do anything for them. I love pizza, shopping, talking on the phone, the Kardashians and relaxing with a good book or movie. I have learned to slow my life down in the past year.

We are both super excited to meet our baby girl Riley and be the best parents we know how to be. We have prayed, crying, laughed and struggled through our first year of marriage and trying to conceive our little one.

I have a feeling life is only going to get better.

Shannon and Josh

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