Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Love You Anthem...

Some Mondays are just Blah. Who really likes Mondays anyway? Only a crazy person will wake up saying..."YES, it's Monday! Hip hip horray." Well I was that crazy person this week. If you know me well I'm sure you are not that surprised that I refer to myself as crazy (sarcasm voice).

My theory is that you have to have Monday to have a Friday, right? This weekend can't come soon enough because we are going to Cleveland. Yes yes yes! We haven't been since Christmas and can't wait to see all my family and friends. Riley is like a little person now, and we get to go show her off!

Okay..getting to the point. Yesterday was the best Monday ever in the history of Mondays because we got OFFICIAL (meaning in writing) preauthorization that Anthem is going to cover Riley's Cochlear Implant surgery and devices. Let me repeat that...Anthem said yes. They are awesome. I promise I will never say a bad thing about insurance, premiums or anything else that relates to Anthem.

We received a letter two weeks ago that said they couldn't promise to pay for both ears. They didn't have enough testing to verify Riley's hearing loss (which we had around 5 hours of testing. I think that's enough for a 7 month old). So naturally I started panicing. BIGTIME.

But no fear, Carol is here! Carol is our surgeons nurse and she handles everything. She is such a sweet southern lady with the coolest southern accent. She reminds me of Paula Dean which makes me think of cupcakes and sweet things. I love her. She reassured me that she will figure it out and make sure everything is okay. And she did!

The surgery requires preauthorization for everything because it is very expensive (like 60,000 an EAR, one ear) expensive. I don't think that covers the devices or hospital stay either. Theres also the whole FDA regulation thing. You have to go through the FDA and insurance companies because right now they recommend that children be 12 months old before the surgery. 12 months? Can you go a year without hearing?

Anthem I love you.

Remember when I wrote the post "The beauty of Holland" and had the hopes of going to Italy. Well guess what...we are packing our bags. It's not over yet. We still have a long road to teach her to listen and have spoken language but part of me feels like the rough part is over. I'm probably kidding myself but once you get through insurance and we got the green light....It's a huge relief of my mind.

Italy here we come!

Monday, May 13, 2013

7 Months Young!

Riley Mae,

I still can't believe that you are 7 months old. That's almost to one year. You are almost a toddler. I remember when I was pregant and I couldn't imagine the day you were born...now Ive been blessed with 7 months. Time is moving way to fast. 

I feel that this month was the biggest month. You have changed so much in the past month that I am amazed each day how you are growing. You found your feet and love to play with them and stick them in your mouth. You sit up (with some support) and love to sit in your bouncer and high chair. You started laughing out loud and I just can't get enough of it. I tickle you and you laugh. I make funny faces...and you crack up. You amaze me everyday. You haven't heard anyone laugh...and yet you laugh. You are always happy. 

You absolutely love to eat. We started making your baby food and you can't get enough. You love sweet potatoes and pears. You cry when it's all gone. You don't like green beans at all. But you can stand carrots, they aren't your favorite, but you'll eat them. We started giving you a sippy cup. Yea, your not too sure about it yet but you sure do try. You'll learn really quick...you always do. 

WE celebrated our first Mother's Day yesterday and it was the best day EVER. You made my day with your happy smiles, laughing and cuddling with mama all day. I seriously feel like everydays Mother's Day because you are the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. 

You're growing like crazy. I can't keep up with your clothes because you grown too fast. Mama loves to dress you and your are always a little fashionista. You are now in 9 month clothes, with some 12 month here and there. 12 MONTH! I can't believe it. Spring time is here and you love to go outside. It relaxes you. You fall right to sleep when you come in. Speaking of sleep...you are a perfect sleeper. You sleep from 8pm to about 6:30 am every single night. We have no problems and you love your sleep (you get that from me).


You are at such a fun age where you love to play and explore your world. I love just taking all my time and playing with you. These moments are going to go fast and I can't imagine missing any of it. One more month and you will be in surgery for your implants. All the hard work has paid off and you are so much closer to hearing my voice for the first time. That will be Mothers Day for me.

Riley, you are such a gift in my life and I cant remember my life without you. I love you more than you will ever know. When you have your first child, you will understand. Until then, I will just try to show you in everyway possible. I love you more than fall weather, more than a new pair of shoes, more than chocolate milk.

Love Mama,

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fill in the Blank

Time for a link up! This is a great way to add alittle spice to my blog and maybe get some new readers!


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)... I am not obsessed with batman, or any comic books for that matter.

My best friend says... theres nothing a big glass of wine won't cure.

People call me... Fly Girl. Long story and you have to be from Avon Lake to understand.

The best part of my day... the morning coffee. If I don't have my coffee...don't mess with me.

I really don't understand... how my iphone can be smarter than me. I can upload videos to youtube while posting pictures to my blog while shopping on ebay. I think we live in the jetsons era.

I get really annoyed... when people post their workouts on facebook. Yes I work out but I don't see the excitement in knowing that you ran 8 miles in 30 minutes while carrying your baby. Some of us are lazy.

There's nothing like a... new stylish bag to carry around.

Lately, I can't get enough... Riley Mae. She is such a cutie and I love her so.

One thing I am NOT is... clean. I was looking in my closet this morning and thought...Oh My goodness. Good thing there's a door!

I spent too much money on... Groopdealz. I have a problem.

I want to learn.... how to cook and how to sew. There are so many cute fabrics out there and I want to make Riley's clothes.

If I ever met Goldie Hawn  in real life , I would ask her to sing the song for First Wives Club.
I can't stop... looking at Pinterest.

Never have I ever... golfed. Unless you count putt putt. Then I totally have!

Reese Witherspoon... is awesome. Hasn't everyone been drunk before and said "do you know who I am". I glad that she let loose and got rid of the sweet home alabama get up for one night. Go girl! I love legally blonde.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How it REALLY turned out....

Sometimes I sit back and think about my pregnancy. When I was pregnant I had all these expectations...I had list and do and don'ts. I didn't know what to expect but I knew myself and what everyone told me. I have quite a few friends that are having kids or had kids recently and I have the best advice someone can give you.....

Throw your expectations out the door!

There it is. All you need to know about being a mother. For me my whole pregnancy I was a nervous wreck and did not enjoy it because of that. I had her whole life planned up until her college, yup thats me, the control planner.

Remember this post...yea the one where I went over my whole birth plan. I don't think one of those things on the list actually happened.

Epidural PLEASE (this is more for the people around me then me)
•I would like epidural only when I ask for it, not when I first get ther
•Arrive at hospital before labor is too intense
•Music and massage to calm me down (we will provide)
•Do not break my water if not already broken
•Avoid C Section if all possible
•Delayed cord cutting
•Immediate latching/nursing
•one hour alone with baby and Josh after delivery

Okay, my water broke 5 weeks early so I would say that one is a no go. Yea, avoid C Section...ha! That didn't happen. Delay cord cutting...I wasn't even on this planet to realize they cut the cord. No latching for me...no milk. You see mothers...planning might be a good thing because you will get a good laugh later.   I had a plan for motherhood also. I was going to breastfeed for one year. No pacifier. I wouldn't let her fuss too long. I would hold her until she fell asleep. LOL. I am literally laughing out loud right now.   We all know how the breastfeeding thing turned out and I don't want to relive that. She gets her paci when she is tired and that is usually it. I actually think it makes her more independant.   She barely cries so I really don't have to worry about that that but if she fusses, I let her figure it out. Now I will get her if she starts crying (again rarely ever) but she fusses and she figures out what to do.   I am a lot calmer than I thought I would be. I don't get nervous about sids and her sleeping in her crib. I don't worry about her at daycare or when other people have her.    Life is a lot different when I threw all my expectations away and actually learned from the mistakes. Who cares about research, statistics, what babies SHOULD be doing and what NOT to do. Do what is best for your child and don't have expectations.   Life is great! It is better than I would have hoped. I have a 7 month old and she is the sweetest, most prim and proper girl I have ever met. I guess I am doing ok?

Monday, May 6, 2013

From Newlyweds to Newly...Parents

Josh and I have not really been married that long, well this year will be 3 years for us. I know couples that are not even engaged and have known each other longer than Josh and I have. Our lives are in like fast forward. Ever since we met each other it has been fast and furious.

We met. Fell in love. Got engaged in one year. Got married within that year. Moved. Became parents. Yup, thats how fast our lives are. Now that Riley is here, do we want to slow everything down? Not a chance. We want another baby, we want to redo the house, I want a new job, a new car, a new everything.

You see, Josh and I are very different, but very much alike. He is very sweet, a people person, a social butterly. Me, sometimes you have to get to know me to love me. I try to feel people out first. He just loves everyone. I am the fly at your seat kind of girl. He likes to calm down and take things one day at a time. He is the clean one. I'm...well I'm not organized (I have a problem).

Before we were parents we could do whatever we wanted. We stayed in bed, slept in if we wanted. Went out with friends to all hours of the night. Had lazy movie days and watch movies ALL DAY LONG in the basement. People tell you that your life is about to change. You may think it is about the love you have for your child, but it is also about your marriage. Your family. Everything.

From husband and wife...to mommy and daddy

Now Riley fills our life with joy and happiness every day. Our lives are forever changed and there is no more josh and I. Everything we do or think includes Riley Mae. Parenting is hard sometimes, especially when you don't know what your doing. There is a lot of "what do you think? "what should we do", "should we do this"?. Some nit picking, some argueing, some space.

Now that Riley is 7 months, we kind of have our routine together. Josh gets her up, I get her dressed (of course), Josh makes her food for the day, and I take her to daycare. At we have the same routine except Josh gives her a bath every night...it's his thing. Now that we have a groove, it's time to focus back on us. I realize that he does a lot during the week with work and Riley, so I do more on the weekends so he can get caught up or just relax. It is all a give and take.

We both realize that parenting takes 110% percent of your time but you need to make time for one another. I want Riley to see her mama and dad together, in love and spending as much time together as possible. We realize this and also realize we have been extremely bad at it. Some of the steps we are taking to better our marriage:

1. We started a "i love you because" chalkboard frame. We write why we love each other on a daily or weekly basis. Mine this week is " because you do the yardwork:)"

2. We need a datenight. Even if it is a date night in when Riley goes to sleep. Just because she goes to sleep doesn't mean we have to. One night he will plan, and one night I will plan.

3. Date night OUT. Yes! This is important. Ask the MIL to watch Riley while we go on a date night.
Even if we have to get a sitter. We are going on one this Friday and I can't wait.

4. Stay up and just chat. We usually spend the last hour of our day in bed talking or watching some show like Duck Dynasty or Big Bang Theory on TV. It sort of what we do. We hang out in bed and talk about our day. Our plans.

This is just the start of us becoming husband and wife again. We are going to have sunday dinners together as a family and continue to grow. A strong connection is what is going to keep our family thriving and growing (wink, wink).