Monday, June 17, 2013

The Night Before

Riley Mae,

Here we are. The night before. Tomorrow is surgery day. Tomorrow your life will change forever. Even though you will not be activated or turned on until July 11th, tomorrow is the big day. There's no turning back. Tomorrow is when your cochlear implants and electrodes will be installed in your little 8 month ears.

I want you to know that your father and I love you very much and would go to the moon and back for you. We made this decision for you to get the implants with little or no discussion about it. We want you to have all the opportunities in the world. Not that you wouldn't if you couldn't hear, but they would be limited. We want you to be in our world. The world with spoken language and listening.

There is so much going through my head as I type this and think about tomorrow. I hope and I pray. I hope that this gives you the gift of hearing. I hope that you know who much we love you. I pray that you get through the surgery and recover in no time. I pray that everything is going to be great because we have God on our side.

One day you will have many questions about this procedure, your implants and why you have to have them. Some days I ask those same questions. Just know that you are very special to a lot of people. God only gives you and our family gifts that we need in our life. This process will make you so much stronger then you could have ever been. I know it has me. It has changed who I am as a person, a wife, a most importantly a mother.

Tomorrow you will be in good hands. Tomorrow you have so many people coming to support you. Tomorrow will hopefully change you life forever.

Love Mama

Monday, June 10, 2013

8 Month Baby

Dear Riley Mae,

On one hand I can't believe you are already 8 months...but on the other hand I love love love it. This is such a fun age with  you. Your personality is blooming and you are becoming so aware of your surroundings and yourself. It is amazing to see you grow every day.

You have the biggest smile I have ever seen and once you see someone you recongnize, it shines. You are going through a little stranger period where if you don't know them, you are shy. It's so cute. Once you warm up (about and hour), you are a talking and screaming away. You are a social butterfly, a charmer. You have so many different faces and you are not shy when it comes to grabbing things. Everything is game these days. Mommys necklaces are your favorite. You will find those under anything.

You love to eat. Your favorite is apples and sweet potatoes. Not a huge fan of green beans and asparagus. Which I don't blame you. I tasted it. You wont be eating that anymore. You started on a sippy cup and are still trying to figure it out but so proud of that thing. You show off when your drinking from it. Your independant.

You still love your sleep. You sleep from about 7:30 until 6am. You are a parents dream. You can now sit up by yourself but fall down pretty easy because you love it. It makes you laugh. I try to have you stand up and we are working at it. That may take more time.
In one week from today you will be prepping for CI surgery at Riley Hospital. I can't believe it is finally here. As much as I am so excited to get this going, I am scared and nervous at the same time.


Riley you are the apple of our eye. We love you more and more everyday. We love you more than chocolate milk, more than rainbows, more than summertime. Can't wait for the next couple months with you.

Love Mamma, 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Build a Bear

I just have to rave about Build a Bear for a minute.

As we started to plan Riley's surgery, I was really thinking of the perfect  present I wanted to her. Something special that she could have forever. Something that she would know I gave her the day of the CI surgery.

Build a Bear was the first thing I thought of. This way I can record my voice in the bear and when she can hear, she will know the significance of the bear. I want to sing "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." I sing that to her about everyday. It's our thing. She doesn't realize it now but she will very soon.

So looking at the the bears, I thought " they should have a bear with cochlear implants. Why don't they? So that got me all fired up. Being the advocate I am, I had to email or call customer services and ask why this was. My email was very short and sweet.

My daughter is getting cochlear implants. She can not current hear. You really should look into getting accessories for deaf children. Two or three out of every 1000 children are born deaf and cochlear implants are becoming the norm.

Really it was not a complaint, more like a suggestion. The point is I wanted to get her something that was like her. 

That same day I got a response.

Dear Shannon,
Thank you beary much for contacting us and sharing your feedback! We actually do have a hearing aid for our furry friends! You can find it online at the link below:

Thank you again. If you have any further questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us!

Have a PAWsome day!

Beary truly yours,

Wow they really do think of everything. Just an example of great customer service! You don't always get that these days.

12 more days until surgery.

Summa Summa Summatime!

Fall is my absolutely favorite season but you can't help but love summer too. Last summer was the worst because it was very HOT and I was very pregnant. Not a good combination.

This summer is a whole new ball game. I know it will go fast because we have so many amazing things happening in the next couple month. I couldn't help but think of a summer bucket list. We have a couple BIG things going on that are taking most of my time but with Rileys first summer I want to remember the small things.

Catch lightning bugs
Play jumprope
Go on a bike ride
watch the sunset
go to the zoo
plan a picnic
buy a baby swing for our swing set
Learn how to sew cute dresses
play flashlight tag
drink coffee on the porch
grow my garden (not just plant it)
slip n slide
Play hopscotch
Read outside

These are the time that I can't get back with our little family. It makes me happy that we have so much time together to do these little things. Riley will then be able to pass these things on oneday to her children. Summertime is always a special time...a time for memories.

This list for the summer is besides the obvious. Rileys surgery is 12 days away. She will be about to hear on July 11th for the first time EVER. It is so amazing. We have such a great support system coming to the hospital. It makes us feel very blessed.

Vacation can not come soon enough. Sleeping Bear Dunes here we come. Dad went there last year and it was votes Good Morning America's "Most Beautiful Place in America" and he totally agreed. So we are packing up, going with about 16 other family members and going to the great state of Michigan.

The summer will go by very fast with so much going on including baby shower(s). YES two of my best friends are having little ones and a boy and one is a girl. This means that I will get to have the mustache party I always wanted. Pinterest better look out, Katie is going to be a boy mom!

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What are your plans this summer?