Tuesday, August 6, 2013

9 Month Baby

Since Riley's 10 month is tomorrow I naturally thought it was time to update the world on her nine month. ahem. Well TECHNICALLY if you look at gestational age she is going to be nice months, so I'm on track. Right?

My Sweet Riley, I can't believe your only 9 months when I feel like you've been in my life forever. You have such a personality and such a little person that you feel like a 9 year old, not 9 month old. You are such a charmer and everyone just loves to be around you. You are a one happy happy baby.

 Love your sleep; you will sleep 10 hours a night and be ready to play when you get up. You laugh out loud and play with whatever you can get your hands on. Everything goes right to the mouth. Every. Single. Time.

You love love love to eat. Sweet potatoes, apples, advocato, peas, bean, banana, pears...you name it. You get so excited when you see that bib coming on that you can barely stand it. Your legs get straight and you arms start going crazy. You're too cute.

This month was a big month with your surgery going on. You had such a support group there; we took up the whole 3rd floor. 6 hours of waiting, hoping, praying. Everything turned out great and Dr. Yates was amazing. I thank him everyday for his talent. He has taken great care of you (more to come).

We had our first family vacation and you had a blast. You didn't love the lake water but still had a great time hanging out with everyone. Your first of many times to sleeping bear dunes. I hope to make many more memories of vacationing with family, friends and you seeing the world.

Your are the sweetest little girl and I couldn't have even dreamed this up. I look into your eyes and see so much going on in there. Alittle bit of me, some of your dad, but mostly your strength, your courage and your ability to make everything better for everyone. You're my best friend. I love you to the moon and back. I love you more than you will ever know, more than the sunset on a summer night, more than chocolate.

 Love, Your mama

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