Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Year Ago....

Riley Mae,

I'm writing you this on the night before Halloween to be ready for tomorrow. Halloween is one of those holidays that I love. The kids, the candy, the dressing up and treats, all make me so excited. Halloween has a different feeling for me this year. One year ago today you were diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears. Today was the day your dad and I found out you are deaf. Today is just another holiday for most people, not me.

I remember being in so much pain. So much grieving and so much hatred that i didn't even recognize myself. I remember sitting on the floor of the kitchen with you for 3 hours the day after and crying the entire time. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't get over that my idea of what our family would be, the perfect child with the perfect family was gone. I didn't know how to even come up for air during this grieving time. I didn't know if I could even be the mom I wanted to be. I felt so alone. I couldn't talk to anyone. I was numb.

I wrote this post The Beauty of Holland about how you feel when someone tells you there is something wrong with your child. You worry and stress your whole pregnancy about something being wrong and not one time did I ever think about you being born deaf. Never.

Now, one year later, I couldn't imagine you being any other way. I thank God for this gift he has given me to really understand something bigger than me.  To slow down. To be the best mother I can be. I wouldn't take back a single day with you, a single sound I hear you make for granted. How many moms get excited with their child gets scared by the dog? I can't wait until the day you get in trouble in school because you are talking to much; I will be grateful for your speech. Appreciate your language. Remember that day on Halloween 2012 when I couldn't see past that couple of hours.

I thought about today many times throughout this year and how I would feel. If I would be happy, sad, or even remember what it was like. This morning when I was getting you ready for your Halloween parade I cried and cried. I don't know if it was happy tears or remembering; I think maybe a little of both?

It's amazing how much time a year really is. Some people say times flies by, but does it really? Maybe we are just too busy to realize that time is slipping by us. You have shown me that time matters.  You have been through so much this past year and now we are back here again. Back to the day it all began and I couldn't be more proud of you than I am today. I couldn't have the most perfect little girl in the universe of little girls. I love you more than you know....more than pumpkin spice coffee, more than Christmas and more than pizza cutter pizza!


Your Mama

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