Thursday, July 3, 2014

She's HERE!

Well two months ago she's here. I have been a really bad blogger and I apologize. It wasn't intentional, it just happened. Now with two babies under two life is pretty crazy amazing. I also have been contemplating what to do with my blog since I now I have to babies. I created this blog as a journey for me, on my road to motherhood, then it became a mom blog and a baby book for Riley, then it became all about riley and her hearing journey; I'm going to keep it to that. There may be some parenting, mommy posts here and there but I want to keep the Mae flowers and focus on her journey. Now more than ever I am so motivated to get her access to sound and developing expressive language.

Now back to Emerson Marie....

She's an angel. Such a gem. A beauty. I can't imagine my life without her already. This experience of motherhood the second time around is just as amazing. The love keeps growing for these girls. I never knew how I could love more than Riley Mae, but I do. It just happens.

Emerson passed her hearing test with flying colors! Thank you jesus. Even though we were totally prepared if she didn't, I thank God she did. Having a baby that is hearing is a whole different experience.

Riley love Emma. She runs up to her if she's crying. She pets her and pats her back. She tries to pick her up if she's crying; until I run up because she might throw her across the room:) I am just so proud of how she has taken to Em. I was nervous about her being jealous but that isn't the case at all. She's going to be the best big sister.

My heart if complete (for now). I have everything I want right here in my little family. Emerson makes everything better. I can't wait to see them grow and go through all of life's challenges, tribulations and most important memories:)  

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