Friday, July 8, 2016

Raising a Strong Willed Child...

As I put my oldest to bed after a long day; as she is screaming, fighting and banging her head on the wall the whole way up the stairs, I think about raising a strong willed child. My child. She has spunk. She wants what she wants and has passion in everything she does. She loves to take everything in and HAS to be perfect in everything she does, down to brushing her teeth. She lets me know when she doesn't like something and if she doesn't like what I say or do.

If I try to put Emerson in a shirt that used to be hers, she lets me know she's not having it. That is her shirt. If I put her to bed and don't put the My little Pony light on, in the right place, she lets me know about it. She's fierce.

She knows where things go, who everything belongs to and where she's going. She tells us where we can go on walks and if we want to go another way, she will let us know. She's determined. It makes everyone's life easier if we stick to the original plan. We do things in routine.

With everything that drives my bat $hit crazy with this girl, I love her fight. The things cry about some nights is the same thing that I will cherish about her when she's older. The day will come soon where she won't need me as an advocate because she will be her own advocate; for me and everyone else we know.

She's going to be a difference maker in everything she does. She cares about the people she meets and wants to meet everyone and everyone. She takes initiative in everyday things like bath, cleaning up, getting dressed and going to bed (sometimes). I can't keep up with her some days; she barely sits down.

But tonight was just like most nights that we have when she is overly tired and doesn't want to go to bed. I take her upstairs, take her implants off, tuck her in, put on the fan, turn on the pony night light and shut the door. With not two seconds I hear screaming. I walk in to her sitting up on her bed with her arms spread out, and she says "this much". Yes, baby girl, I love you THIS MUCH. Sorry, I forgot that tonight in our nightly routine.

How much do I love you...THISSSSSSS MUCH!

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