Thursday, December 15, 2011


Guess whose back...back again! Yup you got it. Sorry for the absence but I have had a hell of a couple months. It has been so up and down with me that I can't keep track day to day what is going on. Also..I haven't seen any rainbows lately...if ya know what I mean. I think I have hit rock bottom...and it is time to come back up! 

As 2011 is coming to an end it is time seek what makes me happy. So I am going to challenge myself to a 15 day blog challenge. The last 15 days of 2011 are going to be dedicated to what makes me happy:) 

Day 15: Singing in the car

Singing in the car really really loud and pumpin up the jams makes me happy. I have to start my blog challenge out with this one because that was me this morning driving to work. That is kind of how I came up with this idea of the 15 days blog challenge....because this morning, jamming out in my car made me so happy. What song was I jamming out too you ask.... got it. This newly defined country girl was rocking out the "Bait a hook". It has no meaning but you know what...It makes me happy!
Stay tuned..I'm so happy I am back.

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