Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Woops! I think I failed my 15 day blog challenge....bad Shannon bad Shannon..heee. Well I am still back, no worries there. Just have been super busy with my spinning bike, husband, loving Jesus more and more everyday,  oh and buying a house...no biggie! Yup you read correctly, Josh and I bought our first (and hopefully last) house. Is is exciting and scary all at the same time. We decided to buy the house, then go back and seriously start our project baby. The song goes...first comes love, then comes marriage (Then house), then baby carriage...right. Doesn't everyone do it that way? Still stuggling with my ovaries, hormones, baby daddy and all the other things it takes to have a baby BUT it is in God's hand and only he knows when we are ready.

Onto more exciting news......CONGRATULATIONS to my good friends Jackie and Brian Romito on welcoming their precious baby girl Maya into this world. God is so good:)

Well I have a long couple weeks for packing, moving, painting, decorating and much  more. Excited to start this new chapter with my amazing and sooooo lovable husband. How does he put up with me sometimes??

I will promise to keep everyone in the loop and continue to love life, my husband, friends and of course Jesus:)


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