Monday, March 11, 2013

5 Months Young

Miss Mae,

I am sitting here thinking to myself that I still can't believe you have been in my life for ONLY 5 months. I can't remember life without you. I can't recall not having your beautiful smile and your sweet eyes to make me happy. I didn't know that I missed you until I had you. I didn't know what motherhood would be like until I was blessed with you.

This month you are growing like crazy, I can barely keep up. I don't mean only in weight but in personality. Each week you have a new trick. First you found your tongue. You would sit there and just stick it out all day. Try to grab it, lick everything and you were a slimy mess. Last week you wouldn't stop doing raspberries with your lips and mouth. This was the cutest thing in the I didn't mind the spit flying all over and changing your about 3 times a day. Yes, this was the week we invested in some bibs.

Now you love looking in the mirror. You know your mama is there but can't figure out who that adorable baby is in the picture. You see me and a big huge smile comes across your face. I love it. I live for it. You love watching me get ready in the morning. I just sit your little chair in the bathroom and you talk away while you watch me blow dry my hair and get all beautified.

You haven't quite mastered rolling over or sitting up by yourself. You neck and head is getting stronger by the day but I am not pushing it. You are a late bloomer but once you get run with it. I don't want my precious baby to grow up just yet. I love this time.

This past month has been such a fun month. I love watching you grow and explore your world. This next month is a big month. We have your baptism this coming weekend with all family coming in town. I will have to tell you that you are one lucky girl to have the Godparents you do. Aunt Jill and Uncle Corey are going to guide you and lead you to things you never knew were possible. They will be support, a mentor, a friend and an advocate for anthing you want to accomplish.

This month is really the official start of your hearing journey. We go to Riley hospital  next week to get your evaluation and CT scans done. By the end of March we will have a date set (hopefully) when your surgery will take place. We are one step closer baby girl. Hang in there!

I can't tell you what all you have brought to my life. I never knew I could love someone so much. I am excited everyday to be your mama and look forward to being there for you through this journey of your life. I hope you dream big,  believe there is nothing greater in this world, to color outside the lines and always remember that the decisions your dad and I make are only for you. We love you more than anything, more than infinity and beyond.

Love Mama

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