Monday, December 15, 2014

Preferred Qualifications

It's about 8:15 on a Thursday evening and I finally get to sit down. I listen. I hear nothing. I look down to find that I still have my nametag and my suit jacket on; time to get on my jammies and go to bed. Yes, I said it was only 8:15. Three hours before...

I ended my work day at 5pm and realized I had to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up crafts for us to do in Riley's therapy tonight. We have a new therapist (long story) and she is on her game when it comes to doing crafts, reading and cooking during therapy. We use most of our language when actually doing things so we are learning as we do. sounds good to me.

I have to hurry because therapy is at 6:30 and I live 40 minutes from work. I get home around 6pm and have to get the kids fed. Thursdays are usually a crock pot day (thank god for that thing) so its already to go when I get home. We have 20 minutes to get food on plates, feed the baby Emmy and get ready for therapy. I eat standing up because I have to get all the baking supplies, open all the craft materials and get her seat ready for Barb (our online therapist).

6:20 hits and its go time. By the time I have everything ready to go, I get the email from Barb wanting us to sign in on the computer; she is all set. While Josh is still cleaning up and scrubbing off the crock pot, we start our therapy.

Thirty minutes may not seem like a long time in your eyes, but keeping a toddler occupied and engaged for that long is an eternity. We are making a pom pom Christmas tree and glitter water shaker. The pom pom tree went over great; she loved it. She said more, push, on and tree....Yay! The glitter shaker, not so much. She didn't like the fact that the glitter was messy and going everywhere; we had a toddler melt down. Yup, right in the middle of therapy.

Cookies! Were are the baking supplies; she loves to make cookies. As soon as she saw the sugar her face lit up and she was ready to go. She said pour, stir, more and mix...cookies for the win! By the time they are in my Kitchen Aid mixer (another one of my prize possessions) 30 minutes is over and she is heading for bath.

Tonight is Emmy and Riley bath night so I get E's bath filled up and start taking Riley's clothes off. We are starting the potty training so she sits on the potty for about 15 minutes and just gets enough toilet paper to fill clog the toilet. She loves to wipe. Whatever gets her on it.

If I put Emmy in the bath without Riley the water works and screaming starts. She can not have Em in the bath first- Riley goes first. Okay so we put Riley in, then Em; get her waterproof cochlear implant on....Shit that one is not working. Let's try the other one. Works:) She will hear with one ear in the bath. After bath getting dressed in another story. riley will not wear any "normal" kid two piece pajamas. Not my child, she has to wear sweatpants and a big t-shirt that she picks out. Mommy or daddy can  not pick them out.

Baths are done; time for more therapy. Let's read, play with play dough, and do her TIGGLY on the ipad. Is it 8:00 yet??? Nighttime! Both kids are in bed and all of a sudden it is silent. Time for bed!

It's funny because my career is helping student find jobs; everything within the job search process. I look at resumes, cover letters and job descriptions on a daily basis. I coach students on interviewing and where to find jobs. I tell them to not apply for jobs they aren't qualified makes me think. What are the qualifications of being a mom? Sometimes I wonder if the "preferred qualifications" are more than I can handle. If I had to write a job description for being a mom to my children, it would go something like this:

The Niedzwicki family is currently seeking a caretaker and provider on a full time basis. This position will assist the father in all day to day operations and communication. This person is responsible for the training and care of a toddler and a newborn, age 2 and 7 months.
This role requires an understanding of parenting theories and ability to train on these theories. Assists in the development of budgets, coordinates records and maintains flexibility on a daily basis. This individual must be able to work in a team, organized and have a strong ability to communicate effectively. Patience is a must.

REQUIRED: Must be able to multi task; 3-5 years experience in supervising and or elementary education training.  Must be able to work long hours, overtime and receive little compensation for your efforts. Ability to take harsh criticism and be tired all hours of the day. Working with a diverse staff and able to think of your feet. Experience problem solving and risk taking is key to this position. Valid drivers license. 

PREFERRED: 5-7 years experience in elementary education with experience in a supervisory role. Ability to eat cold foods and not shower alone for 10 years is a must. Ability to think on your feet and be consistent. Computer proficient with knowledge of picture editing. Fort building is kept in this role; must understand the importance of growing personalities. Ability to French braid.  Desired: Budget management experience with flexibility for emergencies. Able to be flexible in a situation you could never dream up yourself. ability to make everything better.

As I love my kids with everything I have, some days I  need a do over. A day  to say "Lets do that one again so I can be better". As moms, we constantly feel we aren't good enough or we are being judged for every little thing our child says and does; Maybe we are the ones judging us. If this were a real job description,  I would never apply because I'm not qualified; in real life this is my full time job. Some days we are moving up the corporate latter, and other days (like Thursdays) we hope we get through the day with both kids fed, dressed, bathed and sleeping in their own bed. If all those things happen then we are doing an okay job!

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