Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why I'm Now a Selfie Mom

Let me start by saying I can't stand selfies. I'm not really sure where they even came from.
The students in my office take more selfies and send more snap chats then I have ever seen. It would take them less time to call the person they are trying to contact, talk for five minutes, then hang up. I will never get selfies, but from now on I'M A SELFIE MOM.

You see there are a couple things that weigh on my heart that make me suddenly want to take more selfies. One big reason is because of the my self image. You see, being a girl mom is tough. Well, not necessarily being a girl mom, it's being the same sex parent. I have a duty to raise my girls with a positive self image and I think that starts with my own. There is no faking it when it comes to your confidence and how others view you.

I absolutely can't stand pictures of myself. I can always find something wrong with me: I still have 50 pounds of baby weight, I hate my legs; I have invisiline and my teeth HURT. I literally can not smile half of the time! Sometimes I don't have makeup and guess what? I don't wash my hair everyday.

I've come to realize that two little, sweet girls don't care about what I look like, they just want to see their mom be proud of who she is. They absolutely love selfies and why should I take fun away from them because of how I "think" I look in a photo. If I take photos and are proud of my self image, the girls will see that and hopefully realize that they are as beautiful as I see them. Self image is real thing for girls and mine aren't any different.

They other reason I am now a selfie mom is because I want them to have lots of photos of me. There many be a day where I'm not here and I want to make sure they have a lot of pictures of me. Sometimes, well most times, it's just me and them; so why not take a selfie. They will have lots of pictures of us together when they get older. Living life for each day to me means capturing what we have right in front of us. It may not be a fancy picture; most times it is blurry or grainy but we still have that moment to put in a frame next to their bed.

I will be making a selfie book soon for each girl to have with some of blog posts that I can give them when they are in high school. I'll probably still not have lost the baby weight, not love myself in every photo or wash my hair everyday, but they will have memories of their mom to last forever.

I draw the line at selfies though- I am NOT joining Snap Chat.


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  1. I love this Shannon! What a great perspective, and as a mom of 2 girls myself, I love the example you're setting for your babies! What a great idea to create an album for them...they will cherish that! ��