Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christmas 2012

Since it is now November 3rd I feel it is totally appropriate to start bringing Christmas into our lives. I am so ready for christmas music, decorations, wrapping presents and even crazy shopping people. I am really temped to put up my christmas tree already. I have 4 more weeks of maternity leave and that would make me very very happy. I doubt hubby will actually let me do that...we will see.

Everyone knows how I love Christmas and the holidays but this year is extra special. The first christmas with Riley Mae is going to be one to remember. We will have a lot of first this year but she is going to love Christmas as much as her momma.

This year I feel that I have everything I need in life. I have family that is asking me for a list of things I want but I have everything I could ask for. I just want a relaxing Christmas with family and friends. Christmas eve at the Jones's is anything but relaxing, with 30+ people and now 2 newborns being passed around. Yikes...I can't wait.

BUT if you have to get me something, here are some of the things on mommys list. It is very hard for me to even think of "non baby items" but that is what I've been told to do.

I really need some new clothes. I am sure some of you are rolling your eyes at this because I have a ton of clothes but new baby equals new momma. I think my clothes are going to fit differently and I am hitting the gym hard for my post baby body after the new year. I love gift cards from express, HM, tj maxx, kohls, Old Navy.

I also would LOVE a new northface jacket here with these Tom shoes also here. I so hope Santa is reading this!

I also LOVE these slings made by sleeping baby products here in pool blue, spring green or coral pink. I saw these slings in a magazine and through other blogging moms. How cute would my little peanut be in one of these in spring. I am not sure if this is for mom or baby yet? I think more for momma.

Riley will be so young this year that she won't even remember this christmas. Im sure that doesn/t mean that she won't be just as spoiled. I know we are getting her the first christmas ordament and the holiday 2012 barbie doll. I wanted to get her the doll that was from her birth year. Hopefully she will keep in the box for safe keeping....who am I kidding?

No matter what Santa Claus brings, I already have our miracle. I just ask for our health, home and happiness. In the meantime....get that tree up and CRANK UP THE JINGLE BELLS!


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