Monday, January 13, 2014

My List


Those of you that know me know that I am completely unorganized...not really dirty just messy. I love my clothes all over the closet because then I know where they are. When Josh picks them up and does me laundry, all hell breaks loose! I can't find anything, everything is missing and it's all his fault. Well to keep me organized in life and in work, I make lists. A lot of lists. Lists about everything and everything. 

One thing I've been thinking about is a life list. I have been seeing these on some blogs I follow and it got me thinking about me own life. I feel that I have done so many amazing things and really lived my life to the foolest but it's not over just because I'm a mom; It's just beginning. 

Learn how to sew
Drink a beer in Ireland
Go to Disneyworld for Christmas
Bake a cake from scratch
Go skiing
Ice skate in central park
Take a picture at the Bean in Chicago
Write a book, or make my blog into a book
Get my PHd
Be a grandmother
go to the red carpet for the Academy Awards
Make a difference in someones life
Be debt free
Run a 10k
Play the piano
Swim with dolphins
Host a holiday event at my house
Renew our wedding vows
Go on a cruise
Wear red lipstick
Make my own bread
Go to a taping of the View in NYC
Read the Great Gasby
Meet someone famous
Make my own furniture
Have a halloween party
Visit the Grand Canyon
Buy another house

Sometimes it's good to make lists; they keep you in check, make sure you are staying on track. Life happens fast and before you know it you are 34 and having your second baby. Live your life, don't let it live you. Do the things you always dreamed of doing; fly kites, play in the sand, build paper airplanes. No matter how big or small, your life list matters. 

Happy Monday

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