Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ode to the Working Mom

I thought I needed or should give a shout out to all the working moms today because lately I feel (from other blogs, facebook, etc) that working moms get the low end of the mom chain. Some of us moms work because we need to financially, some of us work because we need to mentally, others, dare I say it, just love our jobs. Does that mean that we love our kids any less???

Absolutely NOT! I am the type of person that is wired to work; although I need to financially, I would still probably do it if I didn't. I have always been very driven in my career and that won't change because I start a family. Don't get me wrong, my family is the most important thing to me. I made a decision to slow down and start a family a couple years ago and now I'm on a role again; that is something that means a lot to me also, it's in my blood.

Working moms work 40 hours a week but that isn't even our full time job.....being  a mom is my full time job and everything else is behind that. Some may think " How could you have someone else raise your child?", or "why would you have kids if you're not going to be around?". I argue that I still am raising my children. While I know that being a SAHM is hard, believe me, I tried it during maternity leave and about went crazy with how busy I was; it was not for me. SAHMs do a lot in their daily life, but it is not for everyone. I started talking to myself and making up professional scenarios in my head... that can never be good.While I miss my baby during the day, it makes coming home so much better. There's never a day I need a "break".

While I work 40 hours a week, working moms are still responsible for all the things SAHMs do: pediatrician appointments, extracurriculur activities, laundry, dinner on the table, baking, keeping up with appointments, dusting the furniture and making sure the kids are dressed and ready to go for the day. On top of all of that...I still have time to Pinterest once in awhile. We don't get a brake from being  a mom just because we work, we get the joys of that on top of everything else.

I feel  working is me taking care of my family. It keeps me motivated to keep moving forward and going towards my dreams. It teaches my children about responsibility, success and following your dreams. I still plan to maybe go back to school, work full time and make it to Riley's swim lessons or soccer practice. I don't want to think I can do it all but when you have a team like I do everything falls into place. My husband is an amazing father and the closest thing to a SAHD (stay at home dad) I will ever get; yet he works 40 hours a week and most Saturdays. We work to provide our kids with the best opportunities and give them a life that we didn't have growing up. It keeps us grounded, it keeps us from going insain to some level. We bring home the bacon and cook it too!

So glasses up! Cheers to the  full time moms that have a 40 hour work week! Not all superheroes wear capes! 

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