Monday, January 26, 2015

Tough Little Boys...

So many times I watch Josh talk about his little girls, and he immediately lights up; the moment you realize they are the light in his eye, the loves of his life, his little girls.

People tell me all the time how Emmy or Riley is a "daddy's girl" and to be honest, it makes me giddy to hear those kind words! You see, I never imagined myself as a girl mom. NOPE, I was always going to be a boy mom, but God had other plans for me. Most of you that know me know that growing up I was always a daddy's girl, so naturally the fact that my babies are daddy's girls make me smile.

I secretly daydream of their wedding day when they are given away by their daddy; I will definitely have to hold him while he cry's like a baby. I listen to countless songs like " Tough Little Boys" and " Daddy's be Good to Your Daughters", and think about those days.

Josh is like a mom/dad, a moad if you want to call it. He is very hands on. Every SINGLE morning he gets up with the girls, feeds Emmy and gets their bag ready for the day. He goes to work, outside, with his hands, then picks them up from daycare. Every. Single. Day. He feeds Emmy dinner and also cleans up dinner. Every. Single. Day. He loves to do laundry and anyone that knows me knows my house is always clean because of him; basically he's the wife I never had!

He's the dad that is watching the Superbowl while dressed in a princess outfit because it makes the girls happy. He is silly; he loves to pretend play. He tells them they are beautiful every  morning and I think Riley is actually starting to secretly love it. She goes running for him every time she gets dressed in the morning. Makes me all mushy; I did the same thing.

The girls adore and love him. That makes my heart happy. I don't get jealous. I understand I'm the parent that is strict, I am the one that will constant push them and be honest. I'm okay with that.

While moms get all the love when it comes to raising kids, here's a shout out to all the dad's out there. I know a lot of girl dad's and it makes my sappy when I see a daughter and her daddy. To any dad's reading this: While the girls look to moms for beauty, cooking and fashion advice, you dad's have the hardest job of all: showing the girls how they should be treated by the way you love their mama. You are their first love.

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