Monday, May 2, 2016

To Emerson- On her Second Birthday

Dear Emerson Marie,

It's crazy to think that two years have gone by already. Just yesterday we were in the hospital loving on my little baby- now you're toddler. The last two years you have brought so much joy to our lives; I'm so happy the God chose me to be your mom.

As I have said in the first birthday letter, you are the best gift that I your father and I could have given our family. The way Riley loves you and protects you makes my heart melt. The sister bond you both share was inevitable from the start.

Sometimes I look at you and wonder how this sweet, dimple faced, bright smiled girl is my daughter. You have a way of lighting up the room when you walk in. You have an innocence about you that makes even the greyest of days go away. You love life.

Sleeping and eating are still your favorite. You will run a mile for food if you had to. You don't love vegetables but you make up in gold fish what you lack in veggies. You love your Eeyore; you won't go anywhere without him. He is your best friend (besides your sister).

Since you have turned two, you have started climbing out of your crib, you have your own objections to things and want what you want. You love to go on the potty (with your diaper on) because that's what your big sister does.

I can't really think of many things you don't like because you are such a easy going, happy kid. I never have to use the same tough love that I use on Riley with you; you feel horrible when you do something wrong. It melts my heart to see you cry.

You are a total daddy's girl but love to hang with mommy when she is putting on her make up and doing her hair. I hope our bond continues to grow as you get older; I know that you will be my girly girl that loves dance, tutus, dress up and more. I can't wait for the days we go shopping and you talk about all your friends and boy troubles.

Our lives have changed over the past two years: We moved to Ohio, your uncle Corey got married to aunt Cassidy and now you are going to have a baby cousin Braxton. Life goes fast and  sometimes you get lost in the mix of Riley's therapy and mom's crazy schedule but always remember Baby girl, you are the light in our family that shined and made us whole. I will forever remember the feeling you gave me during your first year of life that no one could ever replace.

I love you to the moon and back. I love you more then Netflix; more then bananas and peanut butter and more then Panera coffee.

Love, Mom

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