Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summa Summa Summatime!

Fall is my absolutely favorite season but you can't help but love summer too. Last summer was the worst because it was very HOT and I was very pregnant. Not a good combination.

This summer is a whole new ball game. I know it will go fast because we have so many amazing things happening in the next couple month. I couldn't help but think of a summer bucket list. We have a couple BIG things going on that are taking most of my time but with Rileys first summer I want to remember the small things.

Catch lightning bugs
Play jumprope
Go on a bike ride
watch the sunset
go to the zoo
plan a picnic
buy a baby swing for our swing set
Learn how to sew cute dresses
play flashlight tag
drink coffee on the porch
grow my garden (not just plant it)
slip n slide
Play hopscotch
Read outside

These are the time that I can't get back with our little family. It makes me happy that we have so much time together to do these little things. Riley will then be able to pass these things on oneday to her children. Summertime is always a special time...a time for memories.

This list for the summer is besides the obvious. Rileys surgery is 12 days away. She will be about to hear on July 11th for the first time EVER. It is so amazing. We have such a great support system coming to the hospital. It makes us feel very blessed.

Vacation can not come soon enough. Sleeping Bear Dunes here we come. Dad went there last year and it was votes Good Morning America's "Most Beautiful Place in America" and he totally agreed. So we are packing up, going with about 16 other family members and going to the great state of Michigan.

The summer will go by very fast with so much going on including baby shower(s). YES two of my best friends are having little ones and a boy and one is a girl. This means that I will get to have the mustache party I always wanted. Pinterest better look out, Katie is going to be a boy mom!

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What are your plans this summer?

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