Monday, June 10, 2013

8 Month Baby

Dear Riley Mae,

On one hand I can't believe you are already 8 months...but on the other hand I love love love it. This is such a fun age with  you. Your personality is blooming and you are becoming so aware of your surroundings and yourself. It is amazing to see you grow every day.

You have the biggest smile I have ever seen and once you see someone you recongnize, it shines. You are going through a little stranger period where if you don't know them, you are shy. It's so cute. Once you warm up (about and hour), you are a talking and screaming away. You are a social butterfly, a charmer. You have so many different faces and you are not shy when it comes to grabbing things. Everything is game these days. Mommys necklaces are your favorite. You will find those under anything.

You love to eat. Your favorite is apples and sweet potatoes. Not a huge fan of green beans and asparagus. Which I don't blame you. I tasted it. You wont be eating that anymore. You started on a sippy cup and are still trying to figure it out but so proud of that thing. You show off when your drinking from it. Your independant.

You still love your sleep. You sleep from about 7:30 until 6am. You are a parents dream. You can now sit up by yourself but fall down pretty easy because you love it. It makes you laugh. I try to have you stand up and we are working at it. That may take more time.
In one week from today you will be prepping for CI surgery at Riley Hospital. I can't believe it is finally here. As much as I am so excited to get this going, I am scared and nervous at the same time.


Riley you are the apple of our eye. We love you more and more everyday. We love you more than chocolate milk, more than rainbows, more than summertime. Can't wait for the next couple months with you.

Love Mamma, 

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