Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Noone said it would be easy.....

I have to admit: I have some fears and confessions that have been floating through my mind lately, especially with baby coming in less then 5 weeks (YIKESSS).  I do things my own way most of the time and  these are so random that you may wonder about my pregnant state of mind- I know I do. However, this is really happening in my mind...scary I know.

I confess....

I'm not the best mom on the block. I don't look up everything on the internet and go by the stats that the national journal of pediatric medicine provide. If I give her a little too much tylenol one day...oops she seems okay; We role by how riley reacts to most things. I dropped the comparing and research long after the failed hearing test and the fact my daughter still isn't walking. I have no idea what I am doing half (ahem, most) of the time. She beats to her own drum.

I love taking showers but I alsolutely hate getting ready. I usually take a shower in the morning and night (yes that's how much I love them) but if I could walk out of the shower dressed, with my hair dried and straightened, and my make up done- that would just make my life amazing.

I am unorganized and messy. THERE! I said it. I'm not dirty by any means but i like my closet and my car to look like a natural disaster just went through it. Josh is the complete opposite. It actually makes me laugh that he gets hives when he goes into my car sometimes. Ha

I miss my best friends. That is all.

I used to be really into "How I met Your Mother" then life happened and I stopped. I wish I just knew how he met the mother so I can stop wondering about it.

I would buy a new bag or purse every month if I can afford it. It's actually one of the reason's I teach Spinning classes. They really don't even have to be all that expensive; it's the one way I stay organized. Just get a new bag!

I'm slightly obsessed with the Pantone color of the year. I just bought a new pair of hunter boots in purple (closest I could get) and my calves are too fat to fit in them. This is where pregnancy drives my crazy.

I fear....

Anything under the water. I won't even go on a cruise because something "could" happen where we are surrounded by sharks or whales. I mean, have you ever seen titanic? I have.

That my heart isn't big enough to love my two girls equally; I constantly wonder how this new little angel is going to fit in our family. How could I love anymore than I do Riley? Can you mom's help me out.

looking back one day and not remembering the little things in life because I am so busy with the big things. I am on constant go go gadget mode and sometimes I don't know how to slow down. Before I know it my girls will be having there own baby girls. PLEASE SLOW DOWN TIME!

Wrinkles- most everyone knows this about me. I  try to stay out of the sun- or use major SPF, I exfoliate and use moisturizer twice a day. I want to stay looking 30 for the rest of my life. If Cindi Crawford can do it so can I. Right?

No one ever told me life would be easy....they just said it would be worth it!

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