Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Love You Anthem...

Some Mondays are just Blah. Who really likes Mondays anyway? Only a crazy person will wake up saying..."YES, it's Monday! Hip hip horray." Well I was that crazy person this week. If you know me well I'm sure you are not that surprised that I refer to myself as crazy (sarcasm voice).

My theory is that you have to have Monday to have a Friday, right? This weekend can't come soon enough because we are going to Cleveland. Yes yes yes! We haven't been since Christmas and can't wait to see all my family and friends. Riley is like a little person now, and we get to go show her off!

Okay..getting to the point. Yesterday was the best Monday ever in the history of Mondays because we got OFFICIAL (meaning in writing) preauthorization that Anthem is going to cover Riley's Cochlear Implant surgery and devices. Let me repeat that...Anthem said yes. They are awesome. I promise I will never say a bad thing about insurance, premiums or anything else that relates to Anthem.

We received a letter two weeks ago that said they couldn't promise to pay for both ears. They didn't have enough testing to verify Riley's hearing loss (which we had around 5 hours of testing. I think that's enough for a 7 month old). So naturally I started panicing. BIGTIME.

But no fear, Carol is here! Carol is our surgeons nurse and she handles everything. She is such a sweet southern lady with the coolest southern accent. She reminds me of Paula Dean which makes me think of cupcakes and sweet things. I love her. She reassured me that she will figure it out and make sure everything is okay. And she did!

The surgery requires preauthorization for everything because it is very expensive (like 60,000 an EAR, one ear) expensive. I don't think that covers the devices or hospital stay either. Theres also the whole FDA regulation thing. You have to go through the FDA and insurance companies because right now they recommend that children be 12 months old before the surgery. 12 months? Can you go a year without hearing?

Anthem I love you.

Remember when I wrote the post "The beauty of Holland" and had the hopes of going to Italy. Well guess what...we are packing our bags. It's not over yet. We still have a long road to teach her to listen and have spoken language but part of me feels like the rough part is over. I'm probably kidding myself but once you get through insurance and we got the green light....It's a huge relief of my mind.

Italy here we come!

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