Tuesday, September 18, 2012

34 Weeks

We are at 34 weeks, 6 more weeks, 42 days, or 1008 hours...whichever way we look at it we are almost there! This past month has been a crazy hectic month with traveling, family visits, showers, daycares and all things baby. It is nice now to know that we can relax and just wait for baby Riley to get here (and watch football on Saturdays).

Size of Baby: She is approximately 4.5-5.8lbs and 18 inches (says thebump.com). She is now the size of an butternut squash, yup I have a butternut squash inside of me. It seems more like a watermelon now though!

Weight Gain: I have gained 28lbs since my last appointment which was 2 weeks ago. I go again on Thursday so we will see what I top the scale at. My goal was 30 all in total but if I gain less than 40 I will be a happy mamma.

Gender: Girl, girlfriend, girly girl, all things girl in our world.

Movement: Oh yes! Lots and lots of movement. She has now given my ribs some relief and started to lower herself. She is turning around so I feel her all day. Most of the time we can see her movements through my belly and clothes. It freaks everyone out but makes me smile:)

Cravings: Still really no cravings. Everything that I have been eating I liked to eat before I was pregnant. Something I do notice is that I love things extra saucy...extra sauce on pizza, ketchup on hamburgers...etc. That's all folks, no ice cream pickle sandwiches here. Gross.

Things I miss: Energy, pumpkin spice coffee creamer in REAL coffee (decaf is not real coffee), painting my toe nails (or even seeing my feet at all), fall clothes that are not maternity or huge, my friends and family.

Worst Moment this week: oh the heartburn. It has taken over my life. I can breath and get heartburn. I guess the pizza and mexican don't really help...that goodness for Tums.

Best Moment this week:  I guess just getting through another week feeling good and knowing in only 6 more weeks we are going to be parents. Other things I loved about this week:
  • Washing all of Riley's Clothes
  • More movement
  • Spending the weekend with Josh
  • Great church service
  • Fall weather is finally HERE!
  • shopping for baby clothes (we destroyed the gap outlet)!!! I have a funny feeling this little girls closet is going to be bigger than mine.  
 PS...One of my favorite blog moms, Kristen, had her baby this morning. I have been following her journey and learning how to be the best blogger from her. Congrats on your baby Tristen!
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Tell Joshy to hurry on that nursery!! Baby Girl will be here in...41 days or 984 hrs!!!