Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Madness

Well we got through another week....phewwwww! Each week we get closer to our baby girl. Josh wrote me the cutest note this morning that said "you have to have a Monday to get a Friday". That is so true and I am ready for the 35

This weekend was nice. I was ordered to stay off my feet and I sorta sorta didnt. I convinced Josh to take my to hobby lobby and get some oh so cute things for the nursery. After about 30 minutes, I stared to swell up like a watermelon and Josh started freaking out. Neadless to say that was the end of my fun for the weekend:( Lot's of relaxing and a whole lot of studying for the GRE. GROSS!

Did I tell you I love Fall?? Well one of my favorite things about fall and fall programming is red carpet season. I just love all the glits and glam that has to do with the awards and red carpet. Here are some of my favs from last night

Julianne Hough looked stunning! You can't see it here but her eyes matched her gown to the T. She looked awesome. This color was a big one on the red carpet last night.

And I loved Kerry Washington's dress...wasn't crazy about her hair but that dress was awesome.

I will have to tune in tonight (if I can stay up) to see if one of my pics got the best dressed award.

Changing the subject...I have decided to pay someone to design my blog. I am getting so into this blogging community and hope to keep expanding. The more I comment, join sites and link up, the more views I get. I was up to 40 views on my 34 week post! That may seem like peanuts but it is great compared to 4 or 5. Munchkin Land Designs ( will design your blog for around $50, I think that is a great amount for a hobby. Right? I am thinking maybe a Christmas gift to myself????

And PS...Christmas is in 91 DAYS. I am so excited I might fall out of my chair. I am already thinking about how to decorate the house what Santa is bringing Josh and Riley. I just love the holidays!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday! One more day towards Friday.


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