Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm Loving...

I decided to try a new link up this week. I usually do the "So What", well today I am feeling the LOVE.

This is what I am loving....

1. The weekends: I just love the weekend these day. We have NOTHING to do. Well, when I say nothing that means we have a lot to do but no traveling, unpacking, packing, showers, putting stuff together. All that is done. I am ready to join netflix and get HOOKED on a new show. It's the little things I look forward to these days. Ohh how times have change:)

2. These beautiful things:

Baby headband - flower headband - infant headband - newborn headband - adult headband - pink flower

Light pink chiffon headband, baby headband, adult headband, infant headband, child headband

I may have to buy these...sorry sweetie! My poor girl:/

3. Ebates: did I not know about Ebates before. You get paid to shop. DUH????

4. Fall Weather: Have I said that before. This is like the most perfect weather to be pregnant in. I love the trees and all the colorful decorations that fall brings. I think my crafting may have to come out soon.

5. The Voice: I am such a reality TV junkie. I mean it's real...right? I watched the Voice for the first time last night and I am hooked. I have to say goodbye to my American Idol days. I am sorry but I can not watch Nicki Manaj judge on sing talent...I just cant. However C Low and Blake Shelton make a great couple:)

6. September is almost over: I love that October is almost here!!! WHICH MEANS....Riley is almost here. I can't wait to be a family of 3!

What are you loving today??

Happy Hump Day




  1. Stopping by from WILW, love those headbands! Having a girl is going to make us go broke! I can't wait for fall weather here in FL, but I have a feeling I"m going to be waiting a lot longer for it to get here!

  2. those little headbands are SO cute!

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