Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

In the past September 11th has always been a day of rememberance. A day to stop what you are doing and remember all the people and families that had loved ones taken from them. All the firemen, police officers, and military fighting for our country.

I will never forget where I was on September 11, 2001. It was my junior year at Kent State and I was in class. They shut down the school and told everyone to go home. The whole campus was running around trying to get to their friends and family. I was in a complete panic state, until I got home and saw what was going on. My heart stopped, and I just sat down. My roommates and I just sat and watched as America was terrorized and taken over.

I still feel that same panic 13 years later. I can still remember how I felt and every year our country will come together and STOP! Think about this day and what we stand for. Just take a minute and watch this video...remember.

Two years ago September 11th became a different kind of day, a day to celebrate. September 11, 2010 was the day I married my awesome husband, and soon to be father of my baby girl. We went back and forth on wether to choose this day for our celebration. In the end we wanted to make September 11th into a good day...a day to celebrate.

Everything about this day was perfect! We had the best support and family we could ask for. My girls were looking good and having a great time in celebration of Josh and I. 

The guys were the best! The were so fun and great to be around. Everyone was in great spirits the whole time. This pic describes these guys, you can't get better than this.

That's our group...just walking across the street, stopping traffic as usual.


We had such a great time taking pictures, despite the rain. Our day was amazing all around and I wouldn't change anything about it.

I am so happy and blessed that I found Josh. We are learning more and more about each other everyday. Our love continues to grow with each other. We are not the same people that met at Champs on a Tuesday evening, we are better. We have so much life to live and so many memories to make.


Josh always tells me that our wedding day was the best day of his life hands down. My response is " in 7 more weeks, that will become the best day of your life hands down". I am so excited for our journey of parenthood together and can't wait to share our memories with Riley.

Have a great day. Thank God for the blessings you have and take time to call the people you love today. Tell them!


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