Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letter's


This is not the normal Friday Letter icon, but it works. I actually really like looks sorta vintage.

Dear Friday: I had to put you first because I just love you and so glad you are here. I wait for you all week. Dear Weekend: It is you, me and Netflix this weekend. We are going to have fun doing NOTHING. I can't wait a second longer. Dear Riley: I hope you like your room. It keeps changing with all the little things I keep getting. Your mom is like a big kid somethings, the carebears in your crig are really for me. Sorry about all the swelling and staying off my feet, Doctor's orders! Dear Husband: Thank you for being you. You have been so supportive and loving through this whole pregnancy. Do I have to start cleaning again when she is born? Dear Kardashians: I still can not seem to keep my eyes off of you. Khloe you are my hero and I know how hard trying to get pregnant is....keep your head up. Dear God: Please keep me positive and strong through these next 5 weeks. Our miracle is almost here.

I hope you guys have  a great weekend.



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