Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dear Summer

The time has come where we have to part ways for the year. I know in the past this has been such a sad event in my life but my life is continuing to change and that means with you too. It's not you, its me. You were once my favorite season of the year. I would count the days until you would arrive. I got all my dresses ready, pool gear and baby oil to rub down for that all around sunkissed tan. Times have changed, I have changed.

Fall is now my favorite season! I have always been a fan of fall but now I am ready for it to be number 1 in my life. Fall has such great qualities to offer me. The colors, pumpkins, harvest, chili, cold drinks and fall football. I can not wait to be able to take walks in the park and down our street and not sweat walking out of my house. I get to wear long pants, hoodies and sweaters. I can drink hot tea and pumpkin spiced coffee in the morning.


Although we had some great days and beautiful summer nights, I am looking forward to crisp fall mornings and dress cozy by the fire. I love to watch football on Saturdays and make pumpkin bread for Josh.

I hope there are no hard feeling. I didn't really get to enjoy you this year because you were hot, humid and make me swell up. I had to lather on the sunscreen everytime I went outside and I know that is only the beginning of our new relationship. You will be missed by many.

Now bring on Fall


PS. 54 days until baby Riley is here! WOOP WOOP (happy dance). 

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