Monday, October 22, 2012

2 Weeks Young

Dear Riley,

I can't believe you are two weeks young already. I know you will read this one day and laugh, but two weeks have flown by. The next thing I know you are going to be 16 when I blink again. I am just enjoying every single moment I have with you when I am home on leave. I know when I go back I will be such a mess...but enough talk about that for now.

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You are getting bigger and bigger by the day. You were 4 lbs 10 oz when we brought you home and now you are 5 lbs 3 oz. You can tell you keep gaining weight because your face is filling out and you are almost out of premmie clothes. Our little girl is getting so big.

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You love your hands and arms. You can not have them tied down at all. This means in a swaddle, carseat or your swing. You will let us know really quick that you are not having that. You have long fingers like me. We will try to get a basketball in your hands right away, or maybe some piano or swimming lessons. I will contact the YMCA right away (even though its not for a couple years).

You are starting to smile, or it could be gas, but whatever it is, it is ADORABLE. We just can not get enough of you. I hold you all. the. time. You love to be on my chest and will fall asleep or soothe yourself right when you hit my chest. I think you recognize my smell and heartbeat from those 9 months you were inside my belly.

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You love your rock n play sleeper and your boppy pillow. You do not like getting undressed at any time. I think your dad likes this and is thinking for the future. The only time you cry is when you are getting undressed, diaper changes or if your extremely hunger. Usually we have to wake you up to feed you so when you cry out of hunger, you are STARVED. We try not to let that happen since we switched to formula.

I love everything about you and your hiccups. Dad and mom couldn't be more proud of you and look forward to every single day in our future.



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