Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Past Week...

Sorry I have been out of commission this past week with no word for me. It is all for good reason...

Guess who made an early appearance???

Riley Mae was born on October 7, 2012 at 1:08am. She is 5.04 pounds of pure awesomeness. Josh and I couldn't be happier because she is absolutely perfect.

So far 2 weeks of momminess has been a pure blessing. Who knew exhaustion could be so rewarding. There has been many joys and surprises with little Riley. Nothing about her delivery, feeding schedule, or due date has been planned. She keeps us on our toes.

She is our little pumpkin and we love her to pieces.
I have some future blog posts that will tell you all about the delivery, first couple weeks and her Rileyisms.
I never knew you could love this much. Our lives are changed forever...and we love it.

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  1. She is amazing! I am so happy for you all! And just another reminder....can we pretty please with sugar on top have some pics of Riley Mae's new room. I have been looking forward to seeing her Nursery!