Monday, October 1, 2012

Your Father

Riley, I wanted to do a post so you would know a few things about your father. I already know you so much and he barely gets to even feel you kick. There is a special bond between father and daughter that most will never understand; i know all about a father daughter bond. These are good tips for you (and hopefully your siblings) to maybe make fun or joke with him someday....

  • Your dad LOVES to nap. He can nap anywhere and everywhere. He would take a nap in the garage if I let him. I think it is just he loves to sleep. He will sleep all night and then get up and take a nap in like 4 hours.
  • He's from Georgia and a southern boy at heart. He loves the county life and is a hard working man. He is not even close to a suit and tie guy. I think he got all of his ties since I met him...and he doesn't own a suit.

  • He would keep ESPN on all day if I let him...don't worry sweetie, I never will.
  • I think he is in love with the yard. He would probably mow it 3 or 4 times a week if it didn't take him 3 hours each time. He takes a lot of pride in the yard.
  • He is a totally ORGANIZED! To the extreme. We even have separate closets because mine is so messy and his is color coordinated. He is very neat likes things clean. We are opposite in that area:)
  • Is favorite shows are Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Big Bang Theory, ESPN, or anything that involves swamps, antiques or reality tv. He also likes the Kardashians (yup mommy makes him watch it and now he is hooked on the madness).

  • He loves to golf but knows he needs lessons. He would golf everyday if he could.
  • Loves to fish also. He never keeps the fish because he could never hurt an animal so he throws them back everytime. His cousin Fritz wants him to come turkey hunting with him next year...yea, we need to witness this.
  • He loves Georgia Football. By the time your old enought to read this and understand this you will be well aware of that.
  • He used to have long hair in high school. YES! Long hair...can you believe it.
  • He must have a treat every night before he goes to bed. Peanut Butter Panic ice cream is his vice of choice. He can not get enough.
  • Two things you MUST KNOW: He has a HUGE heart.


He loves you and your mom very much!

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