Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Lately

First I have to say that being a mom is awesome. I have no idea what I am doing most of the time but it is the most rewarding thing EVER. I am a total "Momma in Training" these days and asking a LOT of questions. It seems like my mom knows it all now, I call or text her like once a day now! Even my friends that have kids know everything there is to know about poop, diapers, sleep deprivation and sleep patterns. It makes me happy they all had kids first! I've had such great support.

When they tell you your life changes the second you become a mom...they are not lieing. Having a newborn changes everything in your life. I found myself looking up baby clothes and headbands and no longer looking up cute fall outfits on Pinterest for mommy.

Riley is now 3 weeks young (old) and  is growing up so fast. She is very alert most of the time but still gets her beauty sleep on and off during the day and night. She has one period of sleeping 4 hours but is mostly up every 3 hours. Who knew sleep deprivation could be so awesome....

Daddy is also a HUGE help when it comes to Riley. He gets home from work and is on "baby duty", while I read, blog or cook dinner. He helps out with feeds at night so we both end up getting some sleep. There is nothing sexier to me than a good dad and boy did I score the jackpot on that one.

Harvest time is upon us and our neighbors are hard at work. These farmers are out all the time lately. Friday they were out at our nidnight feeding, then again at six oclock when we were getting up again. I guess they only really do this type of work twice a year but man are they working right now. The whole country and farming is still so intriqueing to me. I had no idea...

Our view from our front yard neighbors.

Back yard neighbors

See when I tell everyone I live in Indiana in the country, now you know it's for REAL.
What else is upon us soon. CHRISTMAS! Christmas is 56 days away and I can. not. wait. Everyone that knows me, knows it is my most favorite time of year (goes along with fall and football season). I can't wait for the decorations, wrapping presents, crazy malls and line, snow, cold, family and friends. I haven't even think of anything this year that I "want" or "need" because I have everything I have ever asked for right below!

Happy Monday
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  1. Your daughter is beautiful! I just had my second baby 6weeks ago and i still feel like a mommy in training! I hope you find your groove soon!