Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birth Story: Part One

I figured since my precious daughter will be 4 months soon, I should probably write out her birth story for the world to read. Some say I should write it before it becomes a distant memory and it is a blur. I don't think it will ever become a distant memory. I remember every. single. moment. as if it was yesterday.

There is something special about a birth story. It's remarkable. A miracle. Something that you will have with your son or daughter forever, it can never be changed. Every story is different, and no experience is the same. Birth stories are so unique and life changing that every detail  puts toghether such a special day.

Sit back and enjoy because I am telling you the most important day of our lives...

It was saturday October 6th and I was supposed to work a New Student Orientation at Ivy Tech but new that I was too bloated and puffed up to really do anything that day...

Well let me back up a bit. October 30th was my due date and I was over the moon for that we would be having a Halloween baby. I planned everything down to the first birthday party. I had everything washed, rugs picked out, nursery all together at the beginning of October because let's face it, baby Riley could come at anytime. Little did I know that would really happen.

Started about the beginning of October I started to get really bloated and retained a ton of water. I mean you could literally make a handprint on my ankles. I was worried. I was anxious. I was MISERABLE. It got so bad that I just walked in my doctor's office one day and hoped to see her immediately. Well it worked and she did all the routine things. Checked my cervix, took my blood pressure, checked for protein etc etc. Nothing strange. Nothing out of the ordinary. My blook pressure was a little high for me, 126 when it is normally like 117 but still nothing to worry about. She said to go on with my day and see you in 5 weeks. 5 weeks! Are you kidding me? There was no way I was going to last 5 weeks. I gained 15 pounds in one week.

See my plan was to work all the way up until my due date. Everything would go as planned and it would be all smooth. Right? Wrong! I made arrangements to have the week of October 8th be my last week of work and put myself on bedrest for the last couple weeks. Good thing I did because my plan didn't work out how I thought. Miss Riley Mae had her own plans.

That brings me back to October 6th. It was a great Saturday because there was some good football on TV and I didn't have to work like I thought I did. Josh was working the church breakfast that we have at our church every first saturday of the month. I thought I would go up there and get some breakfast and say Hi to everyone. I went, ate, came home and was going to study and relax for the rest of day. Nothing had changed, nothing had happened. Did a load of laundry and was watching television while Josh took a nap before the Buckeyes and Bulldogs played.

I had been studying for my GRE because I am planning to go back to school for my PhD so I thought I would get as much studying in as possible. I bent down to get the book out of coffee table and thats when it happened....

Water. Or pee. I wasn't sure. I ran to the bathroom and got on the toilet. They say the test is if you can not stop the water then it's your amniotic fluid. Well water just kept coming and coming. Like ALL OVER.

"Umm Josh. Josh. JOSH WAKE UP! I think we should go to the hospital. My water just broke!"

Stay Tuned.

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