Monday, January 28, 2013

Birth Story: Part II

Where did I leave off? Oh yea....

"Umm Josh. Josh. JOSH WAKE UP! I think we should go to the hospital. My water just broke!"

To say he jumped out of bed is an understatement. I think he jumped out of bed, got dressed, and we were at the hospital in 10 minutes. Mind you it usually takes 20 minutes just to get to the hospital.

Since I am the planning mom that I am, I had my bags all packed (5 weeks in advance) and already to go. Josh, not so much. Everything was fine with me except the obscene amount of water that was still going everywhere. I had no pain, no contraction, no nothing. It was like a normal day in the neighborhood. Except I was going to have a baby in the next 24 hours. I called, texted, emailed everyone on my call list and enjoyed the ride. It was a perfect fall day. I rememeber thinking.."this is a great birthday". Fall was in full affect. It was beautiful.

When we go to the hospital I just wanted to walk right up to the floor and get in bed but they had to wheel me up there (hospital policy). The more I stood waiting for the wheelchair, the more water was everywhere. By the time I go up to the floor, my pants where covered and the wheelchair was soaked..

I got into my room, got dressed and was ready for some action. Except...there was no action. Nothing was happening. Still no pain. If this was labor then I could definitely handle this! haaaaaaa

Nurses came in, got me hooked up, checked me, did what they do and nicely told me..."Your going to be here for awhile". I wasn't even in labor yet. I was 1 cm dialated and baby was not engaged at all. They were going to call the on call doctor and let him know what was going on. Which he was NOT my regular doctor. Not the doctor I had for 35 weeks and helped me in the process of getting pregnant. No Way! This was someone that I never even met. Great.

This was around 1:00pm when they decided to put me on petocin to get things moving. Boy did that work. It took about 2 minutes for me to start feeling something. A lot of something. It was no joke and it was painful. Every 2 minutes another contraction and I would scream. Josh was say "breathe", and I would scream. That went on for about 7 hours.

The nurses checked me and I was still 2 cm dialated after 9 hours of contractions. I was ready for some pain medicine. I couldn't imagine what 10 cm felt like. I am glad I actually got to "feel labor" because that is what I wanted. I wanted to feel my baby being born. I wanted to experience that pain that mothers experience. Well I did that and I was ready for the epidural.

The edipural went fast and painless. It was such a relief that I had to sleep. We had time to rest. Nothing was happening. Josh took a nap. I was talking to my mother in law and facetiming with my brother like it was another day in the park.

In the meantime Riley was still kicking away and was not engaging at all in the birth canal. The nurses would all run in about every 20 minutes and change my position because of her heartrate. I was laying on one side. Laying on the other. Sitting up. Her HR would be steady, then go back down. Only 4 cm dialted.

The doctor finally came in around midnight to check things out. He came and introduced himself and explained a little what was happening. He wanted some background on my situation because he saw from my chart that I had some fertility issues and wanted me to expand on that. Everything he was saying to me was sort of a blur until the last sentence.....

"Get prepared for a Caesarian Section"....

To be continued....

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