Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Goals

February is one of my most favorite months of the year. Not only is it Valentine's Day, the day for lovers, it's also Birthday Month!! Yes it is my birthday,and those of you that know me would think the whole month would be dedicated to my birthday, but it's also Josh's birthday! Parrttaaayyyyyyyy. Other good things going on this month...Superbowl, tax season, one year since we bought the house, and it's really the last real month of winter ( I say that because I live in Indiana and it could snow in April). Anywho, there's a lot to celebrate this month.

I am big on lists and need to make a to do goal list for February. This way it keep me on task, ground and most importantly, accountable. Here goes nothing.

Goals for February:

  1. Decorate for Valentine's Day: Yea this has to be this weekend. If I don't do it quick, St. Patty's day will be here
  2. Make special vday breakfast
  3. Get quotes on some remodeling we want to do. There is so much I want to do to the house over time. I just want to get a good wrap around what it's going to cost and what we can do ourselves. Post coming up about all the house projects.
  4. Taxes..aaaa yea we had to schedule a meeting with an accountant this year. I usually do our and take pride in completing such a big tax. However this year we have house, baby, disability, day care, medical....etc etc etc. No bueno for me to do. Good decision.
  5. Start Riley's playroom
  6. refinish the bathroom vanity
  7. Make one new recipe
  8. Finish wall gallery
So let's just see at the end of month what goals I accompish. Since it is now out in cyberspace I have to complete it...right?

Happy Hump Day


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