Tuesday, August 7, 2012

28 Weeks Folks!

28 WEEKS! Can you believe..I can't.

Great great doctors appointment today. Here is what we accomplished:

  • We have the cutest baby:) Could not believe how clear her face was on the pic!? Technology is amazing.
  • glucouse testing (yikes)
  • Baby is still a girl
  • I can travel up until 36 weeks ( Walfield wedding here we come!)
  • What to do when I am in labor
  • Talked about breastfeeding and epidural
  • Basically talked about my whole birth plan (coming soon to the blog)
Here's her debut...her photo shoot was amazing.

 Pregnancy Ticker

Size of Baby: Size of a eggplant, almost up to 3 pounds. You keep growing girlfriend. So proud of you.

Cravings: Still no cravings. My food taste is actually going back to normal again. I actually can stand chicken again....that makes this girl really happy!

Things I miss: Coffee, energy, exercising, sleeping. I also know I am going to miss fall clothes. I love fall and the clothes are the best. I will have to spice up the maternity closet for fall.

Best Moment: Every moment with her is great! Even the heartburn and sleep deprivation:) This week was our Cleveland baby shower and it was awesome. See below post for more details.

Worst Moment: Riley is starting to rest her head on my left ribcage and boy it is uncomfortable. I didn't really know what that was until I saw the ultrasound today.

Sleep: Sometimes. It is a hit or miss type of thing. Sunday night I was up at 1am but last night I sleep a wopping 8 hours.

84 more days Riley, 12 weeks. We got this!

Happy Tuesday


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