Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Girly Girl

With only 77 days left (yup thats right), I guess it is time to start thinking about being a parent. We have tried and prayed so long for this precious little one that we really didn't think what it was going to be like when the little one arrives. OOPS! There is no time like the present...so here goes. This is my thinking on paper, or cyberspace.

It is sort of funny because I had alway envisioned myself with boys. I always said I was going to have all boys, no girls, no way. Now look, my house is a big pink cupcake these days. This isn't even like subtle girl in our house, nope, pink and girl exploded everywhere. I am so excited we are having a little girl, I can not even imagine having a boy right now. Boy (or girl) have times changed.

When it comes to parenting there are so many decisions to make...really big ones (breastfeeding vs. formula) or everyday small decisions ( cinderella vs. barney)! There are also so many questions going through my head: Will I be a good mom? Will she like being around me? Most importantly, Will I be a cool mom? That's my goal...Cool Mom status!

I guess I consider myself a girly girl, maybe. I am no where near a prissy girl but I do like my jewelry, sunglasses and makeup. I always like to dress up and get my usual pampering once in awhile. I also like camping, bike riding, getting down and dirty with the house projects and eating junk food. It makes me wonder what Riley is going to be like. Is she a girl girl that will always, I mean always have to be in a dress and can never take off her sunglasses? Or will she be more like her dad, a fishing, sports loving, gardening, get out and get dirty type of girl. I can not wait to see what her personality will bring.

There are some things that I have been thinking about when it comes to being a first time mom. Things that have been lingering in my head. The do's and don'ts of the Niedzwicki house.

I will NOT:
  • Ever buy a minivan. Yup I said it, please hold me to it.
  • Feel I need to feed her only organic food all the time. The point here is that I will not "feel" I need to. I probably will in the long run. We live out in the country, there is organic food everywhere. I don't think I have met anyone that doesn't grow or even slaughter their own meals. It's not only organic food, there is more to this statement. I have to remember what it was like when I grew up. I ate pizza, chicken nuggets and chips. Everything turned out okay. I played outside all day and all night with little television and no video games. Everything turned out okay. I know times are changing in the world but I never want to take a childhood away from a child because I am paranoid. Let a kid be a kid!
  • Let other parents influence my parenting choices. Everyone is different and every parent is different. If my friends or aquaintenances want only cloth diapers and think everyone that doesn't use cloth diapers are not good parents that is their decision. I don't have to do what everyone else is doing. This is a new joureny for Josh and I to go through together. Will their be mistakes, of course, but we will be a pro soon enough.
  • Compare Riley to other children and their developments. This kind of goes along with the previous statement. I have been comparing my pregnancy to every elses for the last seven months. I will NOT compare my baby to others. I can't, it will drive me crazy. Everyone keeps telling me how small she is going to be because I have only gained 20 pounds and if she end up being 40 pounds in 5 months, then that is what she is. Is she doesn't crawl, walk, read, talk or potty train the same week other babies do...that OKAY!
  • Be a crazy soccer mom that yells at the coaches and gets ejected from the fields. This one is going to be hard. For anyone that knows me, and my days with Corey's basketball, you know this can get out of hand. I just have to calm down and let the coach do thier job. Another one to please hold me to.
Whatever parenting brings to Josh and I, I assure you that we will put in 100% all day everyday. Yes there will be challenging but the reward will far outweight any of those hiccups, sort of like pregnancy. I am still amazed at those women who have the perfect pregnancies and love every minute of pregnancy. I want to be them when I grow up!

Love you all.
Happy Tuesday


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