Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Thursday...

Taking a week off this week from the "It's Okay Thursdays" and feeling a little more random today. I have baby on the brain so if you are tired of my baby might want to avoid my blog for about 3 more months. OR like 6 more years. Riley is going to be all over my blog.

ONE MORE DAY until CLEVELAND! August showers bring....October babies??? Right?  I think so. This saturday is our first baby shower and I am very excited. Mostly to see everyone that I miss so much. It is very rare that I can see some family and friends in the same weekend. It usually goes one was or the other. NOT THIS TIME! Friday night at dad's and saturday night at Leslie's.

I really have some anxiety when it comes to everyone coming to one place to bring me gifts (believe it or not). I am more of a gift giver, then a gift receiver. That is why I love Christmas so much. I have already started thinking about the holidays and using my pinterest to pin all things Christmas. I am trying to just remember that all this is for our precious baby Riley Mae, not me. It makes it all better!

We also are getting some maternity photos this weekend from Greg. He is coming early to get some done then we have a scheduled session on August 30th with Bella Bloom photos here in town. I can hardly wait! Here are some pics I love...

 pregnancy photos
 pregnancy photos 

Hopefully I will get our blocks in time for this weekend to use in photos. I can not tell you how excited I am. Greg thank are the best! Check out my Pinterest to see more.

Switching topics. I have now cried 7 times at the Olympics. I missed Ryan and Mike (yup first names) win the gold and cried during Misty and Carrie's interview. I feel that since I follow Ryan and Mike on twitter we can be on a first name basis.

Have a great thursday! Go team USA!


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