Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Rant

I know Mondays are sort of a drag for most people. However I look forward to Mondays because I do not have to work until 1pm. This means I can sleep in, make a nice big breakfast, do some housework and watch my favorite shows. This includes Baby Story, The View and Live with Kelly. I have always watched the View (I actually DVR it everyday) because I can not get enough of those women. Baby story is something I have watched even before I was pregnant but now that I am going through my own baby story, I can't miss it. I even have Josh watch is sometimes to get him prepared for childbirth and to see babies being born.

Once baby story is over then the show "I Didn't know I was Prenant" comes on. I have never really watched this show but I was totally intrigued by this today. Two different woman went 30 weeks and did not know they were preganty. I know, I know...I fell off of my chair too when I was watching it. Now brace yourselves, these woman had no prenatal care, drank, smoked, didn't take any precautions, and had perfectly health babies without knowing for one day they were pregnant! I am fabergasted by this.

I have not had the worst pregnancy but I definitely have symptoms and have spent everyday pumping vitamins and organic milk into my body to make sure baby Riley is healthy. Since my third trimester has approached, the pregnancy symptoms are more and more noticeable. Why don't they tell you about some of the things your body is going though??? huh? I am thinking about writing my own book called "What to Really Expect"! If you are reading this out are some things they don't tell you.

1. You might grow a beard. Yup! My vitamins along with my PCOS have really helped me look more like a man with facial hair. Not something you would expect from a glowing mom to be.
2. You will have gas like a trucker. Embarrassing -Yes. Preventable- NO.
3. Grooming like a lady is a thing of the past. Yea you can probably get the drift from this statement. Thank goodness its fall and not summer!
4. Heartburn. Okay I know...they do warn you about heartburn. I think I can burn down the empire state building like Puff the Magic Dragic. OMGoodness is my chest on fire. I guess it doesn't help that I was craving lemons and anything citrus.
5. Burping like a frat boy. You may think that I just drank a 12 pack but NOPE just my pregnancy symptoms coming out. Beware.
6. Dryness. Everywhere. This means everywhere. My skin, hair, scalp, feet, even my nails. I think that is really why pregnant women drowned themselves in cocoa butter.

Just thought I would share my life with you guys. These are the things the don't tell you about. I still have the swelling, sleep deprivation, heartburn, headaches and the other fun stuff that I get emailed about daily.

I am now 31 weeks and have 9 weeks left. Can you believe it? I cant! You may think I am complaining but I am just sharing my knowledge. I love being pregnant and love every kick I get from our baby girl. Keep on growing sweetie! It is all worth it:)

I promise a baby bump attach tomorrow.



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