Monday, August 6, 2012

Showered with LOVE!

August Showers bring October babies...right??

Such an exciting weekend we had! It is crazy that I have dreamed about my baby shower and this weekend I was actually at my baby shower. It still doesn't feel real. Everything that we have been through and all the prayers that were prayed for this little gir still doesn't make it seem like reality. The saying goes "For this child we prayed," and that sums up my life right now.

Riley is such a blessed little girl with so many people around her that love her already. We had such a great time! I mentioned before how I have anxiety with people showering me with gifts...and this was no exception. I was sick all day up until the shower. We had great food, great company and great family and friends. It made everything perfect.

My best friend Leslie coordinated the shower and it turned out amazing, Blew away my expectations. She is such an great friend for offering her house to celebrate Riley.

Thank you everyone for all you did to make this shower such a great one. I love you all!


Tomorrow is a big day for our family. Last ultrasound before we get to meet our little girl. Not to mention my glucous test. Do you think all the cupcakes and cakepops I had this weekend will sway the Stay tuned.

Riley sweetie, smile big for the camera tomorrow. Get you pagent pose going and be a good girl so we can get all the pics we need to ensure you are happy and healthy.

Pics to follow!

Happy Monday


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