Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

One word to describe my weekend:  OLYMPICS

This is from Friday night until Sunday night at 10:00pm (just because I fell asleep). I love everything about them...and I only cried 3 times so far. Here are some of my favorite moments and athletes:  
Ryan Lochte
 Where did you come from?? Well I know where you came from, but seriously?? When Lochte swam that 400 he was brilliant. That kind of talent does not come natural. YOU WORK AT IT. When Ryan (yea...we are on first name basis) got home from the Beijing Olympics he was dissappointment with how did. Heck, I don't remember hearning his name at all. It was all about Phelps, NOT THIS YEAR.

He got home and hit the weights. He knew that what he was missing was his strength. He worked out for 4 years everyday. He would wake up every morning and flip tires and hit the weights. He knew how to he just needed power.

He stated that every year he started out from the bottom. He works and works to be the best, he just didn't wake up and become the best. I love his humbleness, shy attitude...and most of all his SHOE collection.

Dava Vollmer

Vollmer is AMAZING. That's all I have to say. She is the sweetest, hardworking female swimmer out there. She didn't even qualify for the Beijing Olympics and now she is Queen of London. She broke the world record (.56) in the 100 meter butterfly. She swam through injuries and her cap falling of in the race. Just think about train HARD for 4 years, sometimes a lifetime, for a race that lasts less than a MINUTE.

Gabbyy Douglas

AND....the baby of the group. I just love little Gabby Douglas. How does a 16 year old hold her composure like this with all the pressure? She is so focused, determined and not to mention a world champion on the uneven bars. Did you see her amazing routine last night? If you missed worries, here is a recap!

Yes I know..AMAZING

If you haven't cried yet during these amazing games, BEWARE tears are coming when you hear Gabby's story. Below is the story of "Raising an Olympian" and in my view, a story of a mom that did whatever to make her babies dreams come true.

The story of all the these athletes are amazing. Hard work, determination and so much sacrifices. They sacrifice their childhood, social life, bodies, minds and most of the things we all take for granted. Now that I am approaching motherhood and having a daughter of my own, I now realize the sacrafice parents make for their children. I now understand so much more then I did before. I would do anything to make sure Riley's can follow her dreams:)

Happy Monday Ya'll

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