Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Guess what! Guess What! Guess What! Guess What! Guess What!

I have two important things to announce.

1.  We are in double digits....96 days to due date everyone. Woop there it is:0
2.  I can no longer see my feet

You see is all baby! I love it.

26 Weeks has treated me well and I feel like a rockstar. It is almost my third trimester (AKA..the beginning of the END).

Size of Baby: Baby is now the size of a head of lettuce. She is about 2-2.5 lbs. Keep growing baby Riley. Mamma's belly has a way to go.

Movement: LOTS LOTS LOTS. She is one active little one. She keeps me up at night with all of her kicking. I like to think she is telling me a story. Maybe she is telling me to lay off the mexican:)

Symptoms: MIld heartburn. Mostly when I drink lemonade, which is everyday. I can not get enough lemons. I will NOT give it up. Good thing for tums.

Moment of the Week: Josh has been able to get more involved in this pregnancy. I can feel her move all the time. He just lays there with his hands on my belly. I think she already has him wrapped around her finger. Oh My...but love every minute of it.

Things to look forward to:
Furniture hopefully this weekend
Cleveland in almost 1 WEEK!
Olympics starting this friday

Future Blog Post:
What NOT to say to a pregnant woman
Pregnancy checklist (I better get started)

Happy Hump Day everyone.


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  1. You can't see your feet...hahaha I am very interested on the future post titled, "what not to say to a pregnant woman". I have one for ya, "hey, can i buy you a drink"?