Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic Monday!

Okay remember that post below when I was so happy about my Friday the 13th! WELLLLL today is Monday and it caught up to me. It sure has been a  Monday for me. I wish I could put the stress Zac Brown Band:)

Recap of the weekend: Nothing too, relaxing, cooking, and this: I had to buy this for Riley. This just melts my heart.

I discovered Pottery Barn for kids and this could be BAD! So many cute things on there.

I was also forced to purchase these blocks:

Of course the name will be RILEY and that is not actually my belly (although it is very very close)!! I can't wait to use these for maternity pics and Riley's room.

Furniture ordered- CHECK!

25 Week Post tomorrow with a doctor update!

Happy the Bachelorette:)


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