Friday, July 27, 2012

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman....

Coming from a pregnant woman (a hormonal one at that), I thought I would give you guys some input on "What NOT to say to a pregnant woman." This is going to save you embarrassment, dirty looks, maybe even a swift kick in the A%$.

Here we go. In no special order:

1. Are you expecting? OKAY people, if you are not 100% (not 90, but 100) sure that they are expecting...then please please please do not comment about them being pregnant. If they are not pregnant, this could cause you and them some embarrassment. If they are pregnant, they may not think they are showing that much, or not enough. Please lay off this question.

2. Don't go for the belly! This is not a question but more of a safety tool. DO NOT go and touch a pregnant woman's belly without her consent. Most of the time I say yes but I prefer no. Pregnant mom's are just protective. Unless you are extremely close to the mom to be, do not go for the belly.

3. How are you feeling? How do I look like I am feeling?? I have a basketball inside my stomach... how would you feel? This about sums up what a mom WANTS to say to you: tired, iritated, tired, hungry, tired, sleep deprived, tired, hot, tired. Instead we stick with: great, rested, nesting, excited. See what I mean?

4. What gender are you hoping for? I was one of those moms to be that really did not care what gender we were having. I just prayed for a baby for so long that nothing else mattered. Even though I always knew we were having a girl, I would have been equally thrilled if we found out we had a boy growing in there. Even if a parent is hoping for a specific gender they are probably not going to put it out there to later find out they're having the opposite gender. Ohh the guilt!

5. Were you guys trying? This question is also known as (AKA) WHAT THIS AN ACCIDENT? we go again. Is this really necessary? Do you need to know this? If you are like me and were trying for two year and went through a very hard time to get pregnant, it can bring up some bad memories and you want to say "YES LADY! We were trying" or if you weren't trying and had an "uh oh.." moment, are you less excited? No matter if you were trying or it sort of happened...NEVER, I repeat NEVER ask a pregnant woman if she was trying, or if she is excited. OF course she is excited!! If she said she wasnt, that would lead into a whole different conversation and you probably don't want to go there:)

To sum everything we just talked about up this lovely FRIDAY (and Olympic Ceremony day) they best thing to say to a pregnant woman is:


Let her take if from there. She may say that she's excited, nervous, sick as a dog. Whatever the situation, congratulations has you in a great conversation and you will always come out on top.

Happy Friday Ya'll


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