Monday, July 2, 2012

New Blog. New Shannon

Okay so the promise I made below that said I would update you on everything that is going on in my life.....yea...well I FAILED! However I am back and have so many things that have happened in our lives over the past six months.

1. Grandma Passed: Yup my Grandma Mudrock passed away on Friday May 11th. She was very close and dear to my heart and I miss her everyday. Just typing this makes me get emotional because of the amount I miss her. I am just so lucky to have 32 wonderful years with her. Grandma I love you and I hope you are drinking all the wine with Jesus you possible can:)

2. Doctorate School: There it is out in the universe. That means I really have to do it...right? This is something that I have been thinking about but really did not make the decision until last week. I am applying to Indiana State University's Higher Education Administration program for Fall 2013. It is 20 weeks and mostly online so I think I can handle that. I am deeply, utterly terified of the dissertation so if you keep up with my blog you will feel the same fear I'm sure. Wish me luck and hold me too it. I mean if I am ever going to be a president of a big university then I have to keep moving up.

AND the best for last!!!!

3.  I'M PREGNANT!!! Can you believe it...I can't. I still think it is some wierd, crazy joke someone is playing on my. All the months (25 to be exact) of doctors appointments, blood test, ovulation tests, temping, praying and crying. All I had to do was relax and buy a big house with a swing set in the back.

We are 23 weeks today and a nervous wreck. I had some complications but baby GIRL Niedzwicki is growing, kicking and doing great. You read correct...its a girl (Riley Mea Niedzwicki).

So the new blog name "Diva to Diapers" fits with my new life. I want to document my pregancy and have an online journal that one day Riley can look back on.  I hope you join me on this new ride we are one. Life is good:)

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