Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Okay Thursdays

Okay this is my first offical "link up" with another blog. I am not sure if I did it correct or not. My blog link DID show up on her website so I am going with YES. It's Okay....

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

....I woke up super late today and did not take a shower before work but had time to go to BK and get some french toast sticks. YUM

....that I am more excited about the Bachelorette finally then I am the presidential election these days. husband's main priority at this current moment is making sure he does not miss ONE olympic basketball game. Yup, saw the schedule posted on the counter. Sweet!

...that I really can not paint my toenails by myself anymore so I absolutely NEED to get pedicures. That's my story! eat two pieces of brownie cake for dessert when your pregnant. One is for the baby, right???

...that the highlight of my week is going to the grocery store. Yes I live a crazy life these days.

...that my 26 year old brother is more excited about the Batman movie than a 15 year old.

Have a great Thursday! What's okay with you?




  1. Two pieces of anything chocolate is always okay, even if you aren't pregnant!

  2. I love that you didn't have time to shower, but you had more than enough time to get French Toast sticks from Burger King. And at least I didn't wear a costume to the midnight showing of Batman. There were people dressed from head to toe as batman and catwoman. I just had a conventional comic book batman shirt, chuck taylors, and a batman belt buckle (utility belt). Very low key for a Batman extremist like myself. And by the way, I am 27 YEARS OLD!! That's all I have to say...Love you